Home Of The Morning Meanderings…

So what is all of this morning meanderings stuff?  Well – it started in fall of 2009… I had been writing reviews and bookish posts for several months and wanted to just have a conversation – me unplugged.  Not necessarily book topics, but life…

SO I wrote a post – about my morning, drinking coffee, tired, going bike riding….. and I hit – POST.

Surprisingly, my readers loved it.  I received emails on how they loved to hear about my day – or my struggles….   and my work out agenda.  Some subscribed to my blog because they said they loved getting up in the morning, logging on and seeing the meandering in their mailbox…

and the meanderings could be about anything -

  • work opportunities
  • friends
  • happenings
  • plans
  • lack of energy
  • funny happenings (there are a lot of those…)
  • big adventures
  • life in general

and so, while they may not be a fit for everyone…. I enjoy writing them and 6 days a week you will find a morning meandering happening here.  Grab your coffee and join us anytime!  :D

Here are a few favs out of the archives:

Morning Meanderings #94: (You know your busy when you try to brew to oatmeal…)

Morning Meanderings #109 (Home for a day and what 10 days of books look like)

Morning Meanderings #133 (Ran over by a truck and backed over again…)

Morning Meanderings #139 ( Super Bowl Commercials crack me up)

Morning Meanderings #149 (Butt Face Miscreant)

Morning Meanderings #167 (Choosing flavors in dog food… what the…)

Morning Meanderings #176 (Alice in Wonderland and a 36 mile bike ride)

Morning Meanderings #200 (Strand book store in New York and The Teen Author Carnival)

Morning Meanderings #219 (My name is Sheila and I am a bookaholic)

Morning Meanderings #222 (Biking with friends)

Morning Meanderings #231 (A total brain freeze of TWILIGHT proportion)

  1. This is a great page…today was the first time I noticed it.

    I love hooking up images to special posts, or in this case, pages.

    Thanks for all your help in teaching me how to create “clickable images,” which I’ve taken advantage of on my various blogs.

  2. Hi
    I found your blog today! I’m fairly new to all this but I guess because I love to read too and so I’m always checking out other book blogs. I like the way you set your blog up. I’m on facebook too. also Twitter and Goodreads. I hope we can be friends.

  3. I love read your blog posts, even when they aren’t about books!!! Keep on posting, Sheila!!!!

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