authors heartcontinuing adventures of a true bookaholic…

Honestly…. I think books have always been a part of me. As a super shy kid – I made my friends through the pages of what I read. I never really outgrew the love of reading.

Books can take me anywhere – I can deep sea dive, climb mountains, explore Jerusalem, dig up artifacts, look for clues to a mystery, learn about anything and everything…. I devour books.

So this blog is dedicated to my favorite pastime – my favorite hobby – reading….. so bear with me…I will give it all – the good, the bad, and the ugly…because hey, in the life of a Bookie, you are bound to encounter them all.

Read on my friends…. ( oh, and please comment… I do love the comments)

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  1. I loved being called a bookworm when I was younger. When I went out to an event or even a dinner, I’d always have a book or two in my bag. People would be surprised when I didn’t have one. When I was reading a book, they knew not to disturb me. I’ve gotten better with my book addiction though, I’m not so rude as to read during dinner (except when I’m alone) or ignore someone as I’m reading, anymore! Thanks for dropping by my blog! It’s so nice to share reading experiences with other book lovers!

  2. Books are great companions. I always have one in my bag, in case I’m stuck on line somewhere; or if I want to stop for a bite to eat (alone), I can bring my “friendly” book along.

    And late at night, if I can’t sleep…there’s the book!

  3. I read a lot as a child, even participating in Read-a-thons. I, too, loved the journeys and adventures I could set upon within the pages of a book. The library offered some quiet and respect for those of us who derived our pleasure from books.

    While my reading has long since subsided because of life’s responsibilities, I still try to make time for reading books of all kinds. Books don’t usually fail you, and they’re always within easy reach :^)

  4. My friends make fun of me as their only friend who goes to the library constantly. My library has a summer reading program with great prizes-I am so crushed it is not happening this year. When we were kids my parents would leave us at the library as they went grocery shopping. I always had a book with me-although I did get in trouble for taking one to church once.

  5. I am interested in joining your Book club. How do i go about registering

  6. Hey, I love your blog! It’s very inviting…makes me want to come and visit for a while.

  7. Hello! I live in the Brainerd area and was searching for a book club and came across yours! I was wondering if you are taking new members. I would love to join and I have a insatiable appetite for books. I just devour them. I recently got a kindle and I love being able to get a book in a few seconds! :) Anyway, if you would like to have a new member, I would love to be part of your book club and if you have too many already then don’t feel bad telling me no! :) -Diana

    • HI Diane! Woo hoo! A Brainerd person :) Normally I would jump at this, but in December I had to put a member freeze on our group because we grew to 18 and were running out of places to meet. Let me check with the group this upcoming month and see what we have for people now. :) I hate to ever turn down a fellow book lover :)

      • Ok, sounds good! Have a great journey through your books and if you ever hear of another book club that has need of a speed reader with insightful (or so I like to think!) thoughts, just let me know! :)

  8. Hi.. I live in Canada and love books…if I am not reading them I am listening to audiobooks in the car. I homeschool and have shared a lot of books with my kids…the library is my favourite place to hang out and was so glad when they started a monthly book club…like “laurarainsnow”, I always have one in my bag and must be the only person who is thrilled when I have to wait for an appointment because I can sit and have a good read!!

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