The Hunt By Andrew Fukoda


Before I knew it I was so caught up in the book it was like the pages were turning themselves. 


Gene goes to high school like the other teenagers his age.  He looks and acts just like the other students yet Gene is not like the other students.

Gene is human.  Heper, as they are called.   And they are hunted and rare,

It is unfortunate that he can not run as fast as his peers with their lightning quick moves.  But on the upside he doesn’t have to avoid the sun and he doesn’t crave the taste of human blood. 

He knows the rules to staying alive and not drawing attention to himself.  Do not sweat.  Do not smile or laugh or show and emotion for that matter.  Do not blush or cough.  And absolutely… under no circumstances do you fall in love.  Life and death depend on how close he pays attention to these rules.

Then the Hunt is announced.  A lucky few will be chosen by lottery to participate in the televised hunting and killing of a group of hepers.  The odds are that he will not be chosen out of the hundreds, thousands even that are eligible – yet as the numbers are read ….

There is no way he will not be found our for who he is. 

What are odds of survival? 

And what is the greater cost?



I was so excited to read this book dubbed as part Twilight…. part Hunger Games.   A YA read that consisted of a world of vampire like creatures that have replaced us in the schools and in the markets.  They thirst for human blood.  They hang from locks on their feet at night.  They scratch their wrist to express emotion like humor or nervousness.  Their teeth are pointy. 

To be human (heper) is unheard of unless you are under captivity to be studied or be raised like cattle… fattening up for the slaughter… but as Gene can attest, being human/heper and living among the others is rare and dangerous… but so far possible.

I loved the flow of this book like Hunger Games into a world where survival is the goal and friend is pitted against friend.  What I didn’t love was when it became a little too close to Hunger Games, for a while there “The Woman director shows up again in her frilly dress”…. and “Their can only be one survivor… one real champion” was a bit too cookie cutter copied for my liking.

HOWEVER…. as the book went on I was thrilled to see it take its own path and break out of that cookie cutter mold into a story that kept me reading and guessing and hoping and…. well… and ordering the next book, The Prey.

Did I love it?  Pretty darn close.  Overall it was an awesome read, one that filled me with those first thrills that Hunger Games did and those are rare finds.

The Hunt is way more Hunger Games than it is Twilight, and if you enjoyed Hunger Games, I think you will find this a nice fix.

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  1. I think this sounds like a really intriguing idea even if it borrows from The Hunger Games a lot. I believe I ordered a copy of this for the library so maybe I’ll get the chance to read it sometime.

  2. I don’t think this one would be my cup of tea…even though I go outside my comfort zone occasionally. I like that it broke out of the “cookie cutter” pattern…maybe I could read it.

  3. I’m getting this one, just undecided audio or print?? (your review is for the print version isn’t it Sheila?) I’m sure I’ll love it, I loved the Hunger Games but it’s good to see The Hunt stands on its own merits.

  4. So if I didn’t like Twilight or Hunger Games, I’m assuming I won’t like this either?

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