Morning Meanderings… Going to BEA and Roomies in Da House…. errr… Hotel!


As you may remember, the last few weeks I have been looking for a roommate for BEA (Book Expo America).  This year none of my roomies of the past years are attending, and I think the roommate piece can be one of the hardest parts of going to BEA.


First I have to put out there on-line that I am looking for a roommate…. (muy awkward!) Maybe it’s because I am from central Minnesota, but it always takes me some time to put out on twitter and on the blog that I am looking for a roommate.  I remember the first year I went to BEA and I was telling my friend about my three roommates, none of who I had ever met.  She looked at me like I was a little crazy…. our conversation went something like this…

Friend:  SO…. you don’t know any of these book bloggers you are staying with in New York.

Me:  Well, I read their blogs…. and I have seen their pictures.  And we have emailed back and forth.

Friend:  Uh… huh.  SO….. how do you know they are who they say they are?

Me:  What do you mean?

Friend:  Well… what if one of them is a dude?

Me:  WHAT?  That won’t happen.  Seriously these are long time bloggers.

Friend:  But what if say “Bookalicious Blogger”  (fictional blog name I think – if not I apologize) is really a big guy named Mack?

Me: ……………..  I know, I know… if things were reversed and if you told me that you were going to a state you had never been to before to room with people for a week that you have never met I would think you were nuts.

Anyhoo….. my roommates were AWESOME and there is one thing I have noticed every time I have gone to BEA (this is my 4th year), Book Bloggers are real.  I have never met a book blogger yet that I have walked away thinking, “wow… they are so different on-line….”  Nope.  Everyone has been just like they write – if they are funny on the blog – they are funny in person.  They are the most amazing group of people…

So enough on BEA past…. let’s go to BEA present…


After my final looking for a roommate post last week, stating my credentials (I am easy-going, house broken, do not shed, and promise not to take up a lot of space….) I received an email from Stacy from The Novel Life.  She was also looking for a roommate and we had met each other in 2011 at a blogger dinner about 20 of us went to one night after an event.

“whew” I thought, I know her!  That makes it so much easier.

About an hour later I received an email from Cindy from Cindy’s Love Of Books.  She too was looking at the possibility of a roommate. 

“Awesome” I thought, last year we were in the same hotel and we had laughed about how we kept running into each other.  On our final evening in New York last year my roomies and Cindy’s roomies got together for dinner and hung out.

Then – as Cindy is going into New York earlier than Stacy and I, Cindy took the reins and went to planning.  I won’t lay out all the details and the emails back and forth while we tried to decide on a place but I will say that Cindy put a lot of work looking into hotel rates vs. renting an apartment and finally we wound up right back where we were last year.  It’s perfect.  We know the hotel, we like the continental breakfast choices and it is close to the Javits Center.

Now that the hard part is over (I always get nervous about the booking, signing up for BEA registration (always afraid I am going to do it wrong and get there and I don’t have what I thought I did…, the hotel planning…. and then the flight).   NOW I get to think of the fun part, seeing fellow bloggers that I enjoy getting together with, seeing the books, seeing authors I adore, publishing houses I work with, and new people I will meet.  AND it is New York and Alison (Alison’s Book Marks) and I are already talking about taking in a show.

Can not wait!!!


what to wear.


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  1. I really want to go sometime! And I think it’s wonderful that you found people you have already met….have fun!

  2. I can’t wait to see you again! Julie and I are talking about doing a show too but I’m not sure we’ll have time since we’ll only be in New York for a few days. We’re going to wing it and, if it works out, just buy tickets in the discount line.

  3. I am soooo looking forward to BEA coming to Chicago in a few years… 2016. No, really. It’s official. Until then I will live vicariously through your blog posts!

  4. As Cindy’s roommate last year I can assure you that she is an awesome roommate!

    Also I loved that hotel too! The continental breakfast was awesome as were the delicious fresh baked cookies in the afternoon!

    I hope you guys all have a fabulous time!

  5. Have fun for those of who can’t make it this year. We will be back next year!

  6. Y’all will have so much fun! I’m bummed that I can’t meet up with you this year but will be watching for all the blog posts, tweets and updates.

  7. Sheila have no fear the room is booked. Its going to be so much fun to hang out with you again. I think its going to be a blast :)

  8. Sounds like a lot of fun! I wish I could be there in person…I do the armchair thing:)

  9. Yay yay yay!!!!! I’m so excited that my BEA Buddy is all set and ready to go!! I’m so glad that you have some nice, non-mustachioed roommates as well. We are going to have so much fun…let me put forth a huge Squee!

    Wardrobe, though? Ugh…I’m no help there.

  10. I’ve been thinking about what to wear for weeks now. :)
    And my dad is always weirded out when I tell him I’m going to hang out with my internet friends (three of my blogging friends live within an hour of me so we’ve become real life friends). You are right though… I think it’s too hard to fake a book blog. Eventually your real personality shines through, in which case you’re like Aech from Ready Player One and we’re friends even though your a dude (although, you could have told me that before we booked a room together) or you put so much effort into it that I can’t even be mad if you try to kidnap me.

  11. See, and here lies my problem if I ever go…. there is such a lack of roommate possibilites for me. :-)

  12. So glad you found your roomies. Cindy is a sweetheart. I know her personally and we’ve hung out together. You guys are going to have so much fun!

  13. so you liked my suggestion to Stacy? she obviously did :)
    Glad it’s worked out…

  14. i wished i had known you were looking for a roommate; but glad it worked out. see you there!!

  15. You’re from MN?! Cool! Me too. Another MN blogger! I totally planned everything at the last minute, so I’m in the dark if I”m going, the one thing I didn’t think about it roommate. duh! I’m trying to figure something out with this other gal I know but, I guess we’ll see if I end up making it though.

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