2011-2012: Your Audiobook Year – Audiobook Week Discussion

Good afternoon!  I am coming in a bit late here having to make room for the Monday What Are You Reading Meme. :D

Today is the Official kick off to Audio Book week!  I am thrilled to participate as I am a HUGE Audio Book fan, a 2 1/2 year addict and proud of it.  I can read one or two books a week with my crazy schedule, but I can double my read count by adding audio.

I am frequently asked how I can possibly read as much as I do and keep up with my job, my home, family, and busy lifestyle.  The answer is simple:


Now believe me, I have heard from you naysayers…. (oh you know who you are! ;) )  You have told me, “Sheila I could not possibly sit and focus on an audio book.. I would just fall asleep!”

Well, here’s the rub, so would I!

I don’t sit and listen to audio.  Instead I use audio for my active times.  Here is a sample of a normal day with audio:

1.  I get up in the morning and while I get ready for my day (pick out clothes, shower, make up, hair, make bed…) I have my IPOD sat up in the bathroom off of our bedroom so I can listen while I get ready.  Approx 30-40 minutes each morning.


2.  I go out to the kitchen and while I make coffee, pack a lunch, let the dogs out and straighten up the kitchen area, I listen to an audio in a cd player on the counter.  Approx 15 minutes a morning.


3.  I get in my car and drive to work, run errands, return home to a third audio book going in my car…. approx. 30+ minutes a day.


4.  In late afternoon while I prep dinner, put away groceries, do dishes, fold laundry, dust, clean up, I am back to the kitchen audio in the cd player.  Approx 30- 45 min more from afternoon listening.


5.  Any evening meetings, commitments, etc… car time = audio time.  Approx another hour throughout the week in evening commitments.


6.  On the days I ride bike alone, use the tread mill, or roller blade, I listen to audio on my IPOD – approx (depending on the week) and additional 2 hours of listening per week.


7.  When I mow the lawn I listen to my IPOD audio book, add on another 3 hours a week.


That is about 18.5 hours a week I listen to audio which may sound like a lot – but it is all ACTIVE listening.  I am getting other things done while I listen.


Throughout this week I will be talking about audio books and doing a giveaway with every audio review I do this week so watch for that!  I want to leave you today with a list of a few of my favorites over the past year (although I am currently listening to a couple amazing ones that may be added to this list soon)! 

For those who know and love audio – these are” must listens” if you have not as of yet.  AND if you are new to audio, or curious, as you will learn this week… not all audio is created equal and having some good audio book recommendations before you go it alone is the key.  Each of these I would say would make for wonderful first time audio listens and create fans.

My goal this week is hopefully to have at least one non audio book listener decide to give it a try this week.  If that is you, please let me know… and I would also love to know the result after your experience.  If you take this challenge and let me know – I will put you in a drawing for a little package from me to celebrate your audio conversion.  :D

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  1. I’m listening to Still Missing right now and am loving it!!! I have it on my iPod, so I primarily listen to it while on the treadmill at the gym or outside walking, but I get so caught up in it that I end up walking even more than I originally set out to do – which isn’t such a bad thing!

    I like to actively listen, too, and usually have an audio going while doing work around the house, including updating my blog. I also always have one going in my car.

    Kristin @ Always With a Book

  2. I said the same thing… I never sit and listen, I move and listen. But I only listen to one book at a time and keep the mp3 player in my pocket. I’m not sure if my brain is ready for multi audio book listening.

    Bossypants would be my pick for a first time audio listen that can’t fail… well, 99% sure it can’t. It’s so entertaining and listenable that unless you dislike Tina Fey, it’s a winner.

    • My only caution with Bossypants is a little bit of language – but not enough to make me raise a warning… just a caution. Too much is a huge fail for me and this one wasn’t – it was a win… almost fell off the lawn mower I was laughing so hard… pretty sure the neighbors thought I had been drinking :D

  3. I always have a book going on my ipod and usually one in the car. The car one has to be kid friendly and my children get very upset if I listen ahead without them! I’ve been running a lot and listening while doing chores, so this week I actually finished two books on my ipod. Listening times vary depending on the week, but it is a lifesaver when you are busy!

  4. I pays to be doing something when you listen to audio. The last time, I feel sound asleep!

  5. I have tried two audio books in the past year and did not like them too much. Boring. But then I spotted The Dressmaker at my library and decided to give it a try since I’ve been wanting to read the book. And guess what? I became hooked! I’m more than half-way through listening and it gets better and better probably because I’ve also become a better listener. Now I’m looking for some good audio books. Will take your recommendations to heart.

    • It really is all about the right audio Laura…. I have listened to some BAD audio – not that the books themselves were bad, but the narrator really can make or break a book (no pressure narrators! :D)

  6. “Sheila I could not possibly sit and focus on an audio book.. I would just fall asleep!”
    I do this sitting down to read in print or on my nook, so it doesn’t really fly for just an audiobook thing (since there’s not much activity with sitting down with a book/reader either). I will put mine on while working on reports for work, blogging, making graphics. Mostly when I’m driving. Any place that where I might put music on, I substitute it at times with an audiobook. But I just stick with one at a time, since I check them out via Overdrive.

    There have been times also when I forget that I’m listening to a book instead of music, and starting reading on my nook. That doesn’t usually end well.

    I second Ready Player One as a must read. Especially if you consider yourself a geek or gamer.

    • If I am tired a book can put me to sleep too. People laugh because I have no music on my IPOD Only books. I guess that makes me a geek LOL! Ready Player One touched me in so many ways – the narration was superb, loved the puzzles within the read and I am a big 80′s fan so the references were “totally awesome” :razz:

  7. Oh me oh my…I just can not imagine it…nope…not me…we were thinking of trying it on a car trip but that was awful…I like music in the car and a book in my hand!
    No audio for me!

  8. As a newcomer to audio I agree the key is to listen while getting your other chores done. Folding laundry has never been so fun!

    Here’s to all those books I thought I’d never get too. Bring on the wash!!


    • Exactly Maura – I no longer burn dinner because the stirring and watching bores me so I go do something else :D Now I linger in the kitchen area so I can hear the audio :) I love to slice and dice and take my time with cooking while listening to a good book.

  9. I listen in all the same places!

  10. Haha I love how active you are! I go in spurts with audiobooks. Sometimes I just can’t get enough but then (generally after a really good one) I can’t get back into it!

    • Maybe having several going at once helps me with that Reagan. If one ends, no doubt I am in the middle of another one. I hate driving in the car alone without an audio book. If I am close to ending one I will be sure I have a back up in the car to switch too. Sick… I know I know…. :razz:

  11. Okay, first I have to say that the book cover with Rob Lowe’s face on it makes me drool every time I see it! lol

    I also loved Bossypants and Ready Player One. And I so wish my library had 11/22/63 on audio, cause I’m reading it in print right now, and that sucker is HEAVY!

    • LOL Carrie, have you listened to his audio? SO fantastic – I was really impressed and learned a lot about him and his child hood. I haven’t read 11-22-63, someday I will becuase on audio it was so well done :D

  12. Agree 100% on The Art of Racing in the Rain and Ready Player One! Haven’t listened to your other must-reads yet. (I already read 11/23/63 in print, so I missed the audiobook boat on that one.)

  13. I don’t know many audiobook listeners who do just sit and listen, that argument against them has always seemed so silly to me.

  14. In this past year I have become an audiobook fan as well. I can only have 2 going at a time though, usually just one on by I-pod, mostly while I am scrapbooking. It was scrapbooking podcast that originally got me listening to audio while partaking in my habit. I transitioned easily to fiction. I rarely buy the recordings because they are so expensive, instead I’ve been getting them from the library. I listened to Rob Lowe’s narration of his own book (instead of reading the hardcover I actually bought), and really enjoyed it. It was easy to walk on the treadmill at the gym while listening to someone so youthful and energetic. I need to find another good gym book.

    • I have recommendations for you up above – Bossypants will cause uncontrolled laughter so maybe not a great gym read – but Ready Player One is so 80′sfied it is well worth listening to anywhere!

  15. Those look like some great suggestions…I keep hearing about Ready Player One so I guess I MUST check that one out :) I am relatively new to audiobooks within the last year but I do love them! I definitely am starting to realize that all audiobooks are not created equal though!

  16. I’ve only listened to a few audios, and that was over a year ago. This year…well, I tried listening to Love In A Nutshell by Janet Evanovich months ago, but didn’t like listening to the narrator, so I gave up. I suppose I should give one another try.

  17. A great audiobook can motivate me to get more housework done!

  18. I like your active listening ideas! I need to get more active and more audiobook time would be a good motivator. I’ll be listening to READY PLAYER ONE very soon!

  19. Staci@LifeintheThumb

    I’m so excited for this week because I’m sure many of you will be adding to my audio list. I have to say thanks to you and to a few others who tempted me with your audio reviews and made me a listener!! I love books on audio!!! Go Sheila!

  20. Great active listening suggestions – I can’t just sit around and listen to audiobooks either – although sometimes I do if I’m at a particularly juicy part in a plot! And Bossypants – I’m waiting for the audio at the library – long waiting list, so it must be good :-)

  21. I was waiting for you to chime in! I left 11/22/63 off my list, but should have added it. It was a great one too…especially with all the accents! I still laugh that you and I have such similar listening preferences. Audiobooks make time FLY BY!

  22. My listening habits are a lot like yours – audios let me fit more books into my life and I love that! Haven’t listened to the titles you’ve mentioned, but have 11/22/63 on my wish list.

  23. My listening to audiobooks is also active, also house chores, plus painting, see more on my post today: http://wordsandpeace.com/2012/06/25/2011-2012-my-audiobook-year/.
    one of the reasons I listen to audiobooks is to be able to devour more books while busy with something else I need to do, so that would not make too much sense just sitting and listening, I prefer then to have a book in my hands.
    but I have to admit that it has happened that I was so enthralled by an audiobook that I DID take time to sit on the couch and listen, because I just could NOT wait for the next “active” opportunity I could have! It happened for The Forgotten garden, and for Before I Go To Sleep last year. and of course, no way I would fall asleep on these!

  24. I totally agree with you that multi-tasking is the way to go with audiobooks. I think I’m more productive in my daily activities when I have an audiobook with me. I love seeing all the ways you fit audiobooks into your daily schedule. And I really want to listen to that Rob Lowe book. Happy listening!

  25. I am a recent covert to audio. Less than a year. Last August actually. And my favorite so far is still my first: The Help. I started listening for two reasons–my visual impairment is getting that bad that my reading speed is now slower than speech and my obsession with crochet that developed three years ago ate so drastically into my reading time and caused me to gravitate to stupid TV and news pods to occupy my mind while I worked it felt natural to shift to audio books. i will also listen while on the mini-tramp which is my main exercise which :( I haven’t returned to since my return home yet.

  26. I learned to love audio when I had a 35-45 minute commute each way to work. Sadly I didn’t figure it out until I had been driving that for about 6 months, but after that I was off and running! I guess I really need to invest in an iPod. Everyone is alway saying how much they cando on it. I have an mp3 player, but it’s not as versatile. How do you get your audio books for the iPod…buy them, from the library, download from the internet? Just curious. Thanks!!

  27. Your listening schedule sounds just like mine! I average about 18-20 hrs a week of active listening time. It makes all of the tedious things in life so much more enjoyable.

    • Exactly… I know that freaks some people out they think you just spent 3/4 of an entire day listening to audio! I think no, I spent 3/4 of an entire day cleaning, mowing, cooking, and exercising ;)

  28. Ready Player One is my all time favorite audio. I usually just listen to them while driving and my commute isn’t as long anymore so I’ve slowed down. :(

  29. Well, you probably know before I even write this what my thoughts on audio are….lol

    Maybe back in my career social work days, when I was traveling all over the county in my car, book listening might have worked. But I don’t do long commutes anymore. And I haven’t done a road trip in awhile.

    I might consider doing something while exercising….but I don’t even have an iPod! Imagine that? I have one portable CD that could come along to the exercise set-up, but that’s it.

    I do have a James Patterson book (Private) on audio that I probably could try….hmm

    • Laurel, and even thought I know about you and your allergies to audio (LOL) I have not stopped trying to move you towards them in two years and I am not about to stop now! :D Come on Laurel – it is audio book week…. you can do it – try it while you are cooking or cleaning!

  30. I love how you did this. It’s soooo easy and addictive to take the audio everywhere.

  31. Actually I do not need converted to listen to audio books as I am long time subscriber to Audible and have a very large library of audio book from over the years. I agree that one of best ways to enjoy audio books is while walking or any other form of exercise. I am currently listening to The Lotus Eaters by: Tatjana Soli. BTW — GREAT post!

  32. a worthy goal for sure! and hoping for your success in converting someone to give it a go…
    i love an audio in the car travelling. spent many trips to the lake with the kids , listening to a story on audio & felt like we’d just left home as we pulled into the lot !
    definitely liking the audios [w/ qualifications!] not all are equal and it does take discernment !

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